Thats right people! I’m back! and a lot has changed since you saw me last! But I won’t bore you with the personal stuff! Long story short I’m single and livin in the city!

No, my name isn’t Carrie (its Lisa just in case you forgot) I’m not living in THAT city (lets face it, I will always be a Midwestern girl) and I don’t own a single pair of Manolos (yet!). BUT hey you got to start somewhere! And thats why I’m here in Chicago - getting my first glimpse at what it’s like to live on my own on my parents dime … with a real job unpaid internship. You see people, I’m livin the dream.  I’ve been here three days and I already feel like I’ve conquered the world! I am making friends, figuring out the public transportation system and have yet to step foot into Topshop, Zara, Anthro OR Urban and I think that deserves a round of applause in itself!

But thats not even the best part! Because even though a lot has changed since we last talked (or should I say since I last talked AT you) I myself haven’t changed a bit! I am still a girl in a relationship with my closet, because - lets face it - relationships with boys were soooo last season! 

xoxo, Lisa